Movies are a big deal for those who worked hard to make a movie. Aside from the hard work, they are often produced with a budget and the expectation of a profit margin. But then, imagine putting so much work in a piece of audio-visual production only to see someone else make mouth-watering money from it. That really can be heart-breaking! 

This is exactly what pirates do to producers of movies. Since movies are also a big deal to many people across the world, pirates take advantage of the fact that some of them either cannot wait to watch the original releases or afford to watch movies at the cinema.

There are many websites online that offer free downloads of movies. One of them is the notorious Movierulz. For many years, this website has provided a platform for people across the world who are keen on downloading the latest movies without having to pay a dime for them. Invariably, they also do not need to watch the movies at the cinemas. 

About Movierulz

Movierulz is an online platform, or to be more specific, a website from which people with access to the internet can download all sorts of pirated movies. It is particularly infamous as one of the piracy websites that has somehow managed to continually found its way around streaming the latest movies from various movie industries across the world.

From Movie rulz, people can get access to newly-released or leaked Hollywood, Bollywood, Telugu, Malayalam, Punjabi, and Tamil movies for free. Interestingly, this website offers downloads that are in full High Definition.

As a result, it has generated traffic from millions of people from all over the world. That is despite the growing global concern for piracy and the rapid increase in the number of sites that provide access to unauthorized downloads.

Movierulz in India

India happens to be one of the biggest markets for pirated movies, and the reason for this is not far-fetched. The Indian movie industry, part of which is the universally-acclaimed Bollywood, has been the world’s largest producer of motion pictures for many years. This is a clear indication of the high demand for movies that emanate from the country.

However, a large chunk of people who enjoy watching movies from this industry does not feel the need to watch new releases at the cinema since they can easily be downloaded from illegal download websites. Movie rulz is arguably the most patronized amongst these illegal sites.

Movie rulz

The Movierulz website has managed to stay online because of simple strategies that the brains behind the site have successfully been using. What they do is use piracy cyberlockers or BitTorrent file transfer for the upload of newly released movies. It usually doesn’t take long for the URL to be blocked by those who own the copyright of the movies.

However, the website would go on to changes the URL to have the film afloat for prospective users. Therefore, if you input Movierulz (dot) com, you will be redirected to a another URL, and soon as this new address is taken out.

On this website, you will see these options Hollywood, Bollywood, Tamil, Telugu, Malayalam, other, genres, and DVDRIP. There is also a listing of the latest movies from the box office with links to where they can be downloaded.

For those that have any particular movie in mind, there is a search engine through which users can input the title. If the movie is available, it would be brought out. There is also the option for those that are interested in downloading songs and adult movies.

What is the government doing to stop piracy?

No doubt, putting paid to this illegal act has been a massive challenge for governments across the world. There is an aspect of ensuring that stricter deterrent measures are put in place to remind pirates of the consequences of their actions if caught.

The country has the Copyright (Amendment) Act,2012 that gives protective rights to the owners of original dramatic, literary, artistic, musical, and cinematographic works.

More specifically, the government in 2019 amended the Cinematograph Act, 1954, which gives certification, and invariably protection to movies before they are released r exhibited.

There is also the aspect of encouraging movie lovers to take responsibility by consciously avoiding illegal downloads, thereby making the business unattractive. What makes this aspect particularly tricky is the fact that some people in the industry benefit from the illegality.

Besides, people naturally love free things. So, it probably would take “forever” to have the ideal situation of movie lovers looking the other way if they get the opportunity of downloading movies for free, legally or illegally.

What is the punishment for downloading movies illegally?

The piracy on Movierulz and its likes are punishable by law in India. However, anyone who is suspected to have infringed on the copyright of a particular movie or aided and abetted such illegality is proven to be guilty of the act in the court of law, such a person is liable to a jail term.

Specifically, the person could be sentenced to three years’ imprisonment, coupled with a fine. The infringement of copyright, according to the law, includes those that download pirated movies as well.

One major challenge in the government’s bid to curtail piracy, especially online, is the fact that there are no internationally coordinated efforts towards punishing offenders. What this means is that while the law clearly states the punishment for those that infringe other people’s copyright in India, it may not apply to people in some other countries.

Since the web is global, Indian movies can easily be accessed from illegal sites with no punishment for those who download them for free.

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